Why It’s Important for Businesses to Think About Their Mental Health Practices

Why it's important for businesses to think about their mental health practices

Mental health is always everyone’s priority and a lot of people are struggling with mental health issues. Studies show that before the stressful season of the pandemic people are already facing many mental health issues. During the pandemic everyone stayed at home and people were not gathered physically. In other words, it’s important to promote a healthy work environment in offices to increase work productivity. On social media, a lot of users are active daily and they are always speaking in the favor of promoting a healthy work environment. A sensible business person must understand the value of quality work instead of the quantity of work. In simple words, a better workspace can make people stress-free and perform better in the workplace or in group settings like meetings. Here are a few reasons why we at Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic think businesses need to think about their mental health practices.


Risks for mental health in the workplace

There are a lot of risk factors involved in the workplace related to mental health. Employers need to create a healthy work environment for the betterment of their employee’s mental health.


Poor communication level

One of the biggest risk factors is lacking communication and understanding. A stressful and depressed person cannot communicate effectively with their audience. In the business workplace, communicating with clients and other authoritative members is always considered a key practice. Similarly, there are a lot of other management-level activities that are very distressful and painful for employees and having a better workspace to fight that issue.


Pressure of performance

Performance is the key to an organization or company’s success. In other words, businesses have a standard for their employees to maintain a certain performance level. Most of the time pressure of performance and stressful routines are the root cause of mental health issues.


Long working hours

Humans need a break or rest from their work to maintain their stable position of work. As you know our brain is a powerful instrument to use and breaks are very important for better use of our mind. A calm mind produces more and makes better decisions. A lot of people are not focusing on utilizing the power of breaks for improving their brain focus and work long hours to do their job. In other words, long working hours aren’t good for our brain-body health.


How a better workplace improves businesses

A better workplace is always a sign of growth and a lot of businesses are now very focused on improving their working environment. Here are a few reasons that show why businesses to make their workplace better and promote a healthy working environment. Similarly, it will improve the performance of the business and help in faster company growth.


Positive change

Change is something that brings results and a positive change in the business workplace. It will make employees happy. A happy and healthy environment is based on different activities like encouraging people on their achievements. Similarly, arrange a gaming zone in which some physical games to improve their focus and concentration. There are a lot of ways to promote healthy activities in your workplace to release the stress of your employees and bring positive change.


Training sessions

Training sessions about stress management or fighting anxiety and other mental health practices are always supportive. In other words, there are a lot of group therapy consultants and speakers out there in the industry who invite you to educate your employees. In the UK due to mental health issues, they have faced big problems in the workplace and lost millions of good opportunities. Therefore, you need to encourage your workers and management to promote pieces of training sessions.


Productivity and growth

A goal without a plan is just a wish and a business needs to productively work to grow faster. In other words, good mental health and improving their moods are considered the key factors in being productive. As you know a healthy environment is a sign of positivity and growth.


Promoting sick leave

It’s important to take a break when you’re facing any kind of issue as an employee. It’s also good for creating a healthy workplace for companies to take care of their employees. In other words, every employee spends 60 percent of their time at the job and their performance matters a lot to the company. So sick leave flexibility is important if somebody has genuine issues.



Awareness is a key step towards excellence and growing a company together. In other words, every management team takes a complete analysis of their company or organization’s strengths and weaknesses related to mental health. You can grow faster as a company or business by promoting mental health. Contact us to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mental health important for businesses?

Prioritizing mental health is essential for businesses due to the increasing prevalence of mental health issues. Studies indicate a rise in stress even before the pandemic, emphasizing the need for a healthy work environment to enhance productivity and employee well-being.

What are the risks for mental health workplaces?

Workplaces face various risk factors, including poor communication, performance pressure, and long working hours. Employers must address these issues to create a supportive environment that protects employees’ mental health.

How does poor communication impact mental health?

Ineffective communication exacerbates stress and depression. Businesses should prioritize clear communication to foster a positive work environment, ensuring employees can effectively engage with clients and management.

What role does the pressure of performance play in mental health issues?

The pressure of maintaining performance standards often leads to mental health issues. Businesses should acknowledge the impact of stressful routines on employees and strive to create a better workspace.

How do long working hours affect mental health?

Long working hours negatively impact mental health by depriving individuals of essential breaks. Employees should prioritize taking breaks to maintain a healthy brain-body balance, fostering better decision-making and overall well-being.

How can a better workplace positively change businesses?

Positive change in the workplace leads to happier employees, contributing to a thriving business. Businesses can achieve this by encouraging achievements, incorporating stress-relief activities, and fostering a positive work culture.

Are training sessions effective in promoting mental health workplaces?

Yes, training sessions on stress management and mental health practices are beneficial for businesses. Seeking external consultants or speakers can educate employees and management, creating a more supportive work environment.

How does productivity and growth relate to mental health in businesses?

Good mental health is a key factor in productivity and growth for businesses. A positive work environment enhances mood and contributes to increased productivity, promoting overall business growth.

Why is promoting sick leave flexibility important for mental health in businesses?

Offering sick leave flexibility is crucial for creating a healthy work environment in businesses. Employees spending a significant portion of their time at work require the flexibility to address genuine health issues, contributing to overall performance.

How can businesses promote mental health awareness and growth?

Businesses can promote mental health awareness by conducting thorough analyses of their strengths and weaknesses. Prioritizing mental health initiatives can lead to company growth, fostering excellence and a united workforce.