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What Should I Do When I Am Overwhelmed?

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Are you overwhelmed and want to know what you should do in that situation? Then trust me, it’s completely normal.

In our busy lives, we often feel overwhelmed. It might be due to work, school, office or social life. It is normal and everyone feels it in many phases of life. We need to give importance to our feelings. Try to brush these things out because they could affect your mental health. For your help, Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic has listed out a few things that could help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.


7 things to do when you are overwhelmed

Accept your feelings.

The first thing that you need to do is to accept your feelings. Don’t deny or ignore your feelings because that could not help you. Instead of ignoring them, try to acknowledge your feelings. Also, accept negative thoughts but don’t judge your feelings because it could lead to guilt or shame. If you are not judgmental, then you could easily go through the phase.

If you try to fight with your emotions, then it will not give you ease. So, acceptance can work as a tool that can work well with your uncomfortable feelings. You need to understand that it is completely normal. Consider reaching out to a mental health professional in-person or via telehealth services to talk about thoughts with another.



Exercise mindfulness

In our daily life, we have to deal with many things, and sometimes it is very challenging to focus on your feelings. But these feelings could not let you deal well with other things. So, mindfulness practice can help you when you are overwhelmed. These practices can make you relax and help you overcome anxiety and stress. Various apps, yoga, and even dance can help you avoid these feelings and improve your mood.

There are some tried and tested mindfulness practices. Some of them are

•  Yoga

• Meditation

• Try apps for practice, such as headspace

•Try to work on a single task. Don’t do multitasking.

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Try breathing exercises.

Taking deep breaths can make you calm and relaxed. A survey was conducted in 2017 which showed results that taking deep breaths could reduce anxiety and help to improve your mood. This is also good for your health. There are different types of breathing exercises, such as diaphragmatic breathing exercises, which are good for physiological and psychological health. According to a study, this exercise could help you relieve stress and improve your physical health.

When you are taking deep breaths, then focus on inhaling and exhaling until you are feeling relaxed. You could also watch videos that could help you with breathing exercises.



Concentrate on what you can control.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, then instead of regretting and feeling ashamed, focus on the things that are in your control. Most things are under our control. So, when you focus on these things, you will get relaxed and things can go in your favor. Don’t worry about the things that are not in your hands. Surrendering to those things will help you to get relaxed and redirect your inner power to the things that are in your hand.

The feeling of letting something slip through your fingers is unpleasant, but if you try to control the situation, it will be worthwhile and things may turn out in your favor.



Take breaks

We are living in a world where we don’t have time for ourselves and we don’t prioritize self-care. Many people work for a whole day and rarely get a chance to go home to relax. This process is repeated for months and years. But the weekend can give you some relaxation.

According to research, taking a break can reduce stress and anxiety and make you relaxed. So, try to take a break for 15 minutes after working for an hour. Going on a trip or watching a sunset could also relax you. Spending time with your family or loved ones can also help you to overcome stress.


Do what you enjoy.

We love to do the things that we enjoy, and while doing this, we forget stress and anxiety at that time. What brings pleasure to you can bring joy to your life and make your mood better. So don’t get stuck on the to-do list that won’t end at the end of the day. But manage to get time for things that can help you relax.

Although it’s your priority to do what you like, here are a few things that you can do while you are feeling overwhelmed?

• Go to a dance party.

• Listen to smooth music

• Cook your favorite dish.


Receive physical contact

If you are overwhelmed and you don’t have any options from the above list, then you can ask your friend, family, or spouse for a hug. One hug can make you relax. According to the research in 2021, physical touch can help to reduce stress and also give overall good results.

You can also get a massage that can also lower the level of stress and anxiety. According to a study in 2020, massage can make you relax more than anything else. So, if you can ask for help from a loved one, you can get a massage from your local massage parlor.



Why does stress make me feel overwhelmed?

Stress can cause many effects, and it can leave us overwhelmed. Long-term stress can affect your mental stress and you can feel overwhelmed all the time.

I am getting overwhelmed easily. Why?

If you are a highly sensitive person, then you can get overwhelmed easily. It is because you process more information than other people. That is why you get easily overwhelmed.

Why do I get overwhelming anxiety?

Stressful daily life, small events and covid-19 also give you overwhelmed anxiety. For example, stress in your work, or stress in your family can give you overwhelming anxiety.

How can I manage overwhelm in my daily life?

Managing overwhelm involves recognizing the signs and implementing self-care. Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic in New Jersey recommends taking breaks, practicing deep breathing, and seeking professional support when needed.

What should I do when work-related stress becomes overwhelming?

When work stress feels overwhelming, create clear boundaries, delegate tasks, and communicate with your supervisor. Balancing your workload effectively is essential.

Can meditation help with overwhelm?

Yes, meditation can be effective. Regular practice increases your ability to stay calm during stressful moments. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and focus on your breath for a few minutes to start.

How can I deal with overwhelming anxiety?

Dealing with anxiety involves practicing relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation. For personalized strategies, consider speaking to a therapist at Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic.

How can I maintain a work-life balance to prevent overwhelm?

To maintain work-life balance, set boundaries, schedule downtime, and disconnect from work-related devices after hours. Balance is crucial for mental well-being.

Can seeking professional help for overwhelm be beneficial?

Yes, seeking professional help is highly beneficial. Therapists at Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic provide personalized strategies to address the root causes of overwhelm.

What are the signs that I may need professional help for overwhelm?

Signs include persistent overwhelming feelings, inability to function, and physical symptoms. Contact Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic for guidance.


The Bottom Line

It is natural that you are feeling overwhelmed. It is the feeling that you are trying to take more burden than you should do. But avoiding this feeling is very difficult. These are few things that could help you to reduce such feelings. The above reminders can help you to move forward instead of regretting or fighting. In this way to can find you comfort zone and reduce your burden. Also, you can find time for yourself. Contact us if you need more help!

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