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What Is 988? How Can It Save Your Life?

What is 988? How can it save your life? Learn more at Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic Website:; Address: 615 Hope Rd., Building 3B Eatontown NJ 07724 United States

National Institute of Mental Health reported that suicide is the second foremost cause of death in the United States. And still, the suicidal rate is steadily increasing daily, specifically in 10-24 years old adults. Thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, which has developed a new three-digit number, 988, for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in this pathetic situation.

The lifeline number comes with professional staff to respond to calls from the people at risk for suicide and those experiencing other mental health issues and addiction-related emergencies.

Let Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic teach you more about what 988 is and how it can save your life.


What is 988?

988 is a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline designated by FCC in July 2020. It is mental health crisis number that professional counselors handle. That staff is highly trained to help out people who are passing through emotion, mental distress, or any suicidal crises.

However, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline shows that about 98% of callers didn’t need emergency services. Still, they want to receive these mental health services to solve their mild mental problems. Nevertheless, 2% of calls require an emergency service by the counselors.


Mission of 988

988 has its clear mission and vision as follows


A three-digit number, 988, serves as America’s Mental health safety net. We will decrease suicidal rates and mental health issues and offer the right route to well-being.


Everyone in the United States and its other regions will have instant access to significant suicide prevention, mental crisis services, and behavioral health care via dialing 988.



Key features of 988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

Here are the three main themes of the 988 system that you need to keep in mind;

1. A finest personalized experience that is customized to the unique requirements of the individual with identifying the best practices

2. Global and easiest access, as well as a universal public awareness for an individual to access 988 via their best-fitted method of communication

3. A strong connection to resources and follow-up ensures all individuals dealing with 988 receive additional community resources as required.

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How can 988 save your life?

People of every age, color, and community with mental health crises ended up with only the tragedy of tragic outcomes like death or suicide if it couldn’t capture at the outset. Especially in the United States, mental health crises and suicidal attempt rates increase steadily between the age of 10-24.

So, the FCC designed a 988 three-digit Suicide Prevention Lifeline for assisting emergency conditions. 988 call responses by a professional team of a counselor with better outcomes. This staff gives immediate service and support to the caller they need at that time.

Further, the highly trained staff of 988 networks listen to the caller and understand how their crises impact them, offer valuable support, and connect them with better resources if required. And the data provided by the network report that callers experience less depression, are less suicidal, are less overwhelmed, and are incredibly helpful after talking with 988 counselors.

So, in this way, 988 Lifeline is not just helping the people but saving thousands of life by guiding them towards well-being.

Moreover, 988 offers an opportunity to counsel through phone calls instead of police. Because people who fight mental health crises are needed to visit appropriate places for assessment and individual therapy that is not a jail, which is only the choice for law enforcement to offer frequently; in this way, 988 proved an incredible discovery of the United States to save people’s lives.



How can we improve the 988 Lifeline?

The 988 tries to keep the promise of an adequate and immediate health care response with the upfront positive results as numerous people perceive support and services they require to live and prosper in their communities.

But this promise will only be fulfilled if strong resources favor increased chat, call, text, volume, and the continuum of problem care services that can occur from the 988 calls. Further, crises care services become more effective when they respond to and support persons with diverse backgrounds and life experiences since they are trained to support the caller in empowering, motivating, and culturally responsive way.

Moreover, this Lifeline comes with an opportunity to invest in more behavioral health crisis services, peer respite centers, and other rehab services, which allow for the caller in need to receive mental health support, evaluation, and resources.



Final thought

988 is a Suicide Prevention Lifeline serving in the United States and helps thousands of people entangled in mental and behavioral crises. A highly trained counselor team responds to the caller and helps them out with the support and instant service as required. It has saved millions of lives and guided them to well-being.

Such services deserved some reliable resources to empower their efforts and services. Every country should design convenient Lifeline services so people can live their best without crises. Contact us if you have more questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is 988 and How Can It Help?

988 is a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline designated by the FCC, providing immediate assistance to individuals facing mental health crises or suicidal thoughts. At Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic in New Jersey, we emphasize the importance of understanding 988 and its role in saving lives by offering professional support and resources to those in need.

What Is the Mission and Vision of 988?

The mission of 988 is to provide instant access to significant suicide prevention and mental crisis services for everyone in the United States. The vision is to serve as America’s mental health safety net, reducing suicidal rates and offering the right route to well-being. At Positive Reset in New Jersey, we support the mission and vision of 988 by promoting mental health awareness and providing comprehensive services to our community.

How Does 988 Operate and What Are Its Key Features?

988 operates as a mental health crisis number staffed by professional counselors trained to handle emotional distress and suicidal crises. Key features include personalized support tailored to individuals’ needs, global and easy access, and strong connections to additional community resources. At Positive Reset in New Jersey, we recognize the importance of these features in providing effective crisis intervention and support.

Can 988 Really Save Lives, and How?

Yes, 988 can save lives by offering immediate assistance and support to individuals experiencing mental health crises or suicidal thoughts. Trained counselors listen to callers, provide valuable support, and connect them with resources as needed. At Positive Reset in New Jersey, we believe that 988 plays a crucial role in preventing tragedies and guiding individuals towards well-being.

What Steps Can Be Taken to Improve the Effectiveness of 988?

To improve the effectiveness of 988, resources should be allocated to increase chat, call, and text volume, and expand the continuum of crisis care services. Additionally, efforts should focus on responding to and supporting individuals with diverse backgrounds in a culturally responsive manner. At Positive Reset in New Jersey, we advocate for investing in behavioral health crisis services and peer support centers to enhance 988’s impact.

How Does 988 Benefit Individuals in Mental Health Crises?

988 benefits individuals in mental health crises by providing immediate access to professional support and resources. Trained counselors offer empathetic listening, practical assistance, and referrals to additional services, helping individuals navigate their challenges and find the help they need. At Positive Reset in New Jersey, we recognize the importance of 988 in empowering individuals to seek help and improve their mental well-being.

Why Is 988 Considered a Lifeline for Mental Health Crisis?

988 is considered a lifeline for mental health crises because it offers immediate assistance and support to individuals in distress. Trained counselors provide compassionate listening and guidance, helping to alleviate emotional pain and connect individuals with appropriate resources for ongoing support. At Positive Reset in New Jersey, we view 988 as an essential resource for those experiencing mental health challenges.

How Can Individuals Access 988 in New Jersey?

Individuals in New Jersey can access 988 by dialing the three-digit number from any phone. Trained counselors are available 24/7 to provide support and assistance to those in need. At Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic, we encourage individuals to save the 988 number in their contacts and reach out for help whenever necessary.

What Are Some Success Stories of 988 in New Jersey?

Success stories of 988 in New Jersey include individuals receiving timely support and intervention during mental health crises, leading to improved outcomes and well-being. Trained counselors have helped callers navigate challenges, access resources, and develop coping strategies for managing their mental health. At Positive Reset, we celebrate these success stories and continue to support 988’s efforts in our community.

How Can Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic Assist Individuals in Crisis?

Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic in New Jersey offers comprehensive services to individuals in crisis, including counseling, therapy, and support groups. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping individuals navigate their mental health challenges and find effective solutions for their well-being. Contact us for compassionate and personalized support.