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Individual Therapy
in New Jersey


One-on-One Therapy

There are countless benefits to participating in psychotherapy with Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic. You will be able to talk through difficult things you are currently experiencing, as well as difficulties that have shaped your life. Learning how to cope and put things in perspective is essential to recovery and achieving mental wellness, and it is used to treat a variety of difficulties.

The process of psychotherapy is based on talking about how you are handling your circumstance with a professional. Psychotherapy is best known as counseling or “talking therapy.”

During your sessions, you discuss your situation. Learning more about what you are feeling and experiencing will help you understand and identify your moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors which connect to your condition.

Psychopathology is an essential part of relieving difficulties caused by severe mental illness or other issues that can be stressful, such as relationship problems, grief, eating disorders, anger, or personality disorders.

Sessions for psychotherapy usually run for about 45-60 minutes. There are a variety of ways psychotherapy is conducted, which include:

1-Psychodynamic Therapy

When a person is under emotional or mental stress from unfinished conflicts they experienced as a child.
These sessions aim to help the patient feel at ease about their past.
This type of therapy can last anywhere from a few months to several years.

2-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT therapy sessions focus on improving irregular self-perceptions that could be affecting the patient with mental illness. Doing this will allow them to make more accurate, wiser assumptions about themselves and the other people in their lives.

3-Interpersonal Therapy

The primary focus of this approach is on the patients’ behavior while interacting in social situations.
Psychotherapy can be conducted with or without medication. Participating in this approach provides a more beneficial understanding of their circumstance, enabling the patient to change their ways by successfully changing their behavior.

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