How to Deal With Anger Management Issues

How to Deal With Anger Management Issues

Anger is a normal feeling that everybody goes through now and then. However, being angry constantly is a real problem. It leads to aggression and physical altercations. If you or someone you know is going through this feeling, you should consider anger management.

While many professionals like those at Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic are available to support you, you can follow some simple tips too. These will help you control your anger and many other problems caused by this feeling. Here are 8 ways to deal with anger management issues.


8 Ways On How To Deal With Anger


Symptoms of Anger Issues

Identifying the problem is the first step to solving it. Here are some symptoms of anger issues you should know:

  • Always feeling angry
  • Your anger gets out of your control
  • Small and petty things can make you angry
  • Hurting others physically or mentally
  • Constant guilt over something you did when you were angry


Dealing With Anger Issues

   Identifying the Problem

The first thing to do is determine what makes you lose your temper? You can easily do it by making a journal of your personal life. Notice every small thing that makes you angry. It can be a traffic jam, a long wait, or tiredness.

This strategy will also help you understand not to blame other people. Once you notice what triggers your anger, you can work on curing it.

   Take a Long Breath

When you are angry, your breathing speeds up. However, it would be best if you countered it. What you need is to slow down and take long breaths. You can learn simple techniques of inhaling and exhaling. These tips can help you with several mental disorders, including anger issues.

Simply take a deep breath from your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Repeat this process several times, and you will notice a significant reduction in your anger.

   Make a Mantra

When someone is out of their temper, repeating a mantra can really help. It helps you calm down and focus on something else. You do not need to make a long mantra. A simple phrase can help you calm down.

People usually go for “Relax” or “Take it Easy.” These are simple mantras that can help you minimize your anger.
Another technique is to count down or up to 10. It slows your heart rate, and you will notice as your anger starts to cool down.

   Think Before You Speak

The worst part of anger issues is that you can hurt others or yourself verbally. You can say something during the heat that you will regret later on. Therefore, it is best to think before you speak.
If you are in an argument, think about stepping away. It will help you calm down and give you a moment to think.

   Exercise

If you want to use your anger to your benefit, exercise is the best option. It helps you calm your nerves. Even simple exercises can cure various mental disorders.

You can walk around or ride a bike to reduce your anger. Even better, you can play the sports you love, such as golf, badminton, etc. Anything that requires physical activeness is beneficial for your mind.

   Music

Music can easily get you into any mood. Whether angry, sad, or happy, songs can help you calm down. It is a simple technique too. All you need is to make a playlist of some songs that help you lighten the mood.

Put in earbuds and play your favorite tunes. This simple tip will help you cool down and forget that you were even angry.

   Visualize Escape

If you are really mad, you need a mental escape. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and visualize yourself in a relaxing environment. You can imagine any scenery that pleases your mind. However, the most important part is to focus on small details.

For instance, you imagine yourself near a waterfall. What is the color of the water? How fast is it flowing, etc. This strategy requires some practice but offers absolute tranquility.

   Talk to Your Friends

If you think isolation can prevent anger issues, that’s not the case. In fact, staying away from everyone makes every mental health disorder worse. Talking to a friend or someone who calms you can help you cure your anger issues.

You can also opt for dedicated support groups or individual therapy services. There, you will find new perspectives that will help you control your anger. Either way, it is the first step that helps you get out of this situation.



Remember, small things can help significantly with anger issues. It can be writing a letter, laughing, painting, or letting your creativity out in any form. But, if you are feeling no progress at all, it is best to seek professional help before the condition worsens. Contact us today for help.