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Does the Gender of Your Therapist Matter?

Therapist Gender


Sometimes people worry about the therapy because of their gender whenever they have to experience a new therapist. It is common behavior from patients, especially when the topics are relevant to gender. Does the gender of your Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic therapist matter for the treatment of trauma?



Does It Depend on The Specialized Field That Your Therapist practices?

Someone may choose a therapist of a specific gender under different conditions. Sometimes people want to share their experiences or trauma with the same gender because they want to feel comfortable. Sometimes people want to share their trauma with therapists who have experience with the same questions.
However, the therapists are trained so well that they can handle all aspects of their patients. Research suggests that the connection between the therapist and the patient decides whether it is comfortable to have a therapist of the same gender.
But it is not necessary to have the same gender as the therapist is well-trained to understand the patients and their complexity without being judgmental. If a therapist specializes in certain practices, you cannot be sure whether you feel comfortable. Patience may seek a therapist based on their life experiences like past trauma or sexual abuse.
Individuals with the same experiences as the patient will be extra sensitive while conversing. For different people, there are different consequences. The initial factors that may cause an impact are your trust in the therapist and how secure you feel, whether it is a man or woman.
Does the gender of your therapist matter? It usually doesn’t depend on gender. It may be a factor but not the whole thing. All therapists have solutions for their patients, whether male or female. You may visit the therapist and see how you feel on the visit.



Does It Depend on The Gender of The Patient?

There are some cases people ask about the patient’s gender. The therapists don’t treat the patients as per their gender. Their work is to let them feel comfortable and secure no matter what their gender is. The biggest thing that can bring the therapy to success is how well you can connect and build a relationship with your therapist. An individual should understand that the therapist is nonjudgmental and will listen honestly to whatever they say.
Thus, your gender will not bring an issue in individual therapy. For example, if your stepmother abused you and you don’t have trust in women, the female therapist will never judge you in this situation. For some patients, gender matters the most. Many therapists claimed not to see the gender of the patients and treat them well.
Sometimes, a female patient feels comfortable with the female therapist. At the same time, another female patient will feel more comfortable with the male therapist. But there are many factors to consider when deciding whether you feel comfortable with a female or male therapist. The general has nothing to do with feeling comfortable with the therapist.



Where Does It Matter?

The gender of the therapist or the patient depends on how a specific patient feels comfortable. Different therapists show different roles with patients. The intensity of the comfort zone is usually linked with female therapists. But we cannot decide solely on it. There are some roles in the life of a patient that help them choose the therapist.



In Cases of Abuse

Many people are victims of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in our society. The victims may be both children or adults. People who have suffered such abuses may bring complexities into the therapy room, and here, gender selection may be an issue. Having a therapist of an identical gender, in this case, may help the patient feel comfortable and Secure in the therapy room.
Patients should give a choice of what gender they will select. The therapist should consider the decision of the patient in the case of the abused victim.



Gender Role In the Patient’s Family

Some families consider it important to process such counseling things with their children. For example, you may have your father as a gender role. You may feel a comfort zone with your father. In contrast to it, you may hurt your family’s gender role.
It may cause you to shut down your emotions. There may be other gender roles from your family rather than your father. There may be your mother who can play a positive or negative gender role in your life.



Choice Of the Patient

It will be the patient’s story of whether he/she wants a male or female therapist. Choosing a therapist is a highly personal decision as one should choose the best place to find a comfort zone. It is all about the connection between the therapist and the patient. The third will be successful if the patient or the topic is comfortably connected.
Some females are not comfortable talking with males. In the same way, some males don’t feel comfortable talking with females. So, the gender of your therapist matters as a factor only. It is not the whole thing on which you can make the decision.




For your trauma therapy, there is a need to have a comfort zone connection with the therapist no matter what the gender is. Take time to consider where you feel better and let the therapist do the rest of the work. Contact us today to learn more!