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A Detailed Review of AA and NA

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Addiction and psychological issues are often intertwined and can be complex to address. Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain and behavior, characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite the harmful consequences. Substance abuse can lead to changes in brain chemistry, affecting mood, behavior, and decision-making abilities.

Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress can also contribute to addiction. Substance abuse may initially provide temporary relief from these issues. Treatment is necessary whether addiction develops into psychological or psychological issues that cause someone to develop an addiction.

AA and NA are treatment services that help people fight and overcome addiction. Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic is here to help you learn about the differences between the two.


What are AA and NA

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international fellowship of people who share their experiences and encourage one another as they work to overcome their alcohol addiction. NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous, an international fellowship of individuals who support each other in recovering from drug addiction. Like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), NA is a non-professional, self-help organization that operates on anonymity and mutual support.

The 12-step program, a collection of guiding principles and spiritual exercises created to assist members in overcoming their addiction and achieving sobriety, is the foundational concept of AA and Na. The program is based on the idea that alcoholism is a disease that affects the body, mind, and spirit and that healing calls for a holistic strategy that considers every element.

Anyone who wants to stop drinking can attend AA meetings for free. Members frequently discuss the 12-step program, offer support, and share their personal experiences during meetings. Members of AA are urged to maintain confidentiality and respect one another’s privacy, and there is a strong emphasis on anonymity within the organization.

Although AA does not replace professional treatment, it can be a helpful addition to other types of therapy and support. Many people discover that joining AA facilitates the development of a caring community, coping mechanisms, and long-term sobriety.


The famous 12-step program of AA and NA



Addiction results in a level of denial that can be hard for observers to accept. No matter how hard someone is pushed toward recovery, it will be nearly impossible for them to succeed if they refuse to acknowledge their issue.


The second thing you must do is acknowledge the existence of a power greater than yourself in the universe.


Give yourself completely to the higher good. Free will can run amok and lead you down dangerous paths when people feel their lives have no point or meaning.

4.Soul Searching

Much like recovery, soul-searching is a process. Healing cannot be summed up in a single instance. The right path is instead the result of a series of intentions and deeds.


Being open about things that make us appear vulnerable in front of others is one of life’s hardest things. The more you can speak your truth unfiltered, the more benefit you’ll derive from the healing process.


Low self-esteem and a bad view of yourself are common causes of addiction. It will be simpler to accept yourself once you realize that everyone possesses positive and negative traits.


You release tremendous stress from your life when you let go and ask a higher power for assistance.


You’ll make a list of the people you’ve wronged and give careful thought to your prior deeds. You’ll consider ways to make amends rather than feeling bad or wallowing in emotion.


The time has come for you to let go of anyone from your past who has hurt, traumatized, or caused you any other kind of pain.


You’ll need to check in with yourself frequently throughout the process. You can advance if you are completely honest with yourself about your progress.

11.Making contact

Every person has a gift; whatever it may be, you have something to offer the world. You’ll be happiest while striving to achieve this goal.


Action is everything in service. The rest of your life is at this stage, during which you must use all that you have learned in AA and NA meetings to improve your future.


Role of AA and NA

AA and NA have played a key role in offering addiction therapy and substance abuse services to addicts around the globe. One can argue that these programs are less efficient than individual sessions. However, these are more accessible and have several other advantages, such as;

   Treatment is free

   You can get a sponsor

   Evidence shows that it’s highly effective

   You’ll meet a vast global peer support network


Advantages of AA and NA

Supportive community

AA and NA provide a supportive community of individuals who share similar experiences and understand the challenges of addiction.

Accessible and affordable

AA and NA meetings are free and open to anyone who wants to attend.

Non-judgmental environment

Members of AA and NA are encouraged to be non-judgmental and supportive of each other, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Spiritual and personal growth

The 12-step program used by AA and NA emphasizes personal responsibility, spiritual principles, and self-reflection.

Long-term recovery

AA and NA are designed to support individuals in achieving long-term recovery from addiction.



It’s important to note that AA and NA might not be suitable for everyone and are not a replacement for professional treatment. However, for many individuals struggling with addiction, these programs can complement other forms of therapy and support. Contact us if you need more information!