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Positive Reset Behavioral Services

High quality mental health improvement program in New Jersey.

TMS Therapy

The revolutionary treatment for depression and anxiety

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More than 10 Years of Experience.


Positive Reset is a leading provider in addiction treatment and outpatient services for behavioral health. Our organization is certified by Medicare, licensed by the State of New Jersey.

Our evaluations are systemic and continuous, which allows us to constantly rank at a high level in patient satisfaction and clinical care. We provide the highest quality performance improvement program with clinical evaluations that continuously show patient and program satisfaction outcomes.

Our program provides a variety of specialized services for:

  • Substance Use Needs
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health


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    Our Mission, Vision, and Values

    Our Mission is to

    To provide holistic, patient-centered care that is accessible to help patients become stress-free so that they can live healthy lives.

    Our Vision is to

    To be a provider that vehemently promotes the physical and emotional well-being of:

    • Families
    • Employees
    • Individuals
    • Community

    Our Values are to

    We will always conduct ourselves with fairness, integrity, and honesty in how we do business. Our goal is to treat our patients using the highest standards of integrated care, operating responsibly and efficiently while focusing on fulfilling our community’s diverse needs.

    Comprehensive Primary Care for Adults and Children of All Ages



    Telehealth is an option that has become increasingly popular during the pandemic


    Family Therapy

    Family therapy is group psychotherapy treatment for those who have close ties


    Substance Use Service

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality of integrated care that focuses on the complex needs of each person and their family when they need us



    There are a mixture of treatments available for children and adolescents who have symptoms of mental health difficulties


    Mental Health Services

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    Psychiatric Evaluation

    The thought of a psychiatric evaluation can be overwhelming. Our team is here to support you throughout your healing process.


    Medication Management

    Psychotherapy is used to help eliminate or lessen symptoms a patient is experiencing that are affecting their daily lives.


    Individual Therapy

    There are countless benefits to participating in psychotherapy. You will be able to talk through difficult things you are currently experiencing


    Couples/Marriage Counseling

    Couples therapy helps couples, married or not, work through their conflicts to strengthen their relationship with each other.


    Trauma Therapy

    Trauma Therapy is also known as Trauma Counseling (TC). This type of therapy is geared towards helping children, teens, adults and families heal from trauma


    Group Therapy

    Group therapy is where a therapist treats a group of patients at the same time. Group therapy sessions are hosted on telehealth or at various settings


    TMS Therapy

    TMS therapy is a noninvasive brain stimulation therapy that utilizes electromagnetic pulses as a way to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. 



    615 Hope Rd., Building 3B Eatontown NJ 07724 United States


    (732) 724-1234

    General inquiries or appointments

    Billing inquiries


    Mon – Thurs : 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    Friday : 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Saturday – Sunday : Closed


    Patient Testimonials

    Leydy N GaracheLeydy N Garache
    20:28 03 Jan 23
    Deirdre is my therapist and she is amazing. I feel that she really cares about my mental health, she is compassionate and she brings me back to reality without hurting my feelings. She truly wants me to be successful. I am so happy that I got connected with her. If you are that anxious person with a million things to do, not enough time and no help then she is the perfect therapist for you! In general Positive Reset is a great place to be, staff is very helpful, always return my calls and help me timely when needed.
    Telly BellsTelly Bells
    02:25 29 Dec 22
    Positive reset has really changed my life! They’ve helped me manage certain things I struggled with and I can’t thank them enough. But most of all Deirdre my therapist has been the greatest, she is so kind and compassionate and a god fearing woman! She sends me tools to keep me going on the daily and reminds me all the time how special and important I really am. When we talk I can tell she actually listens and has a passion for what she does, it’s not just a job for her like most therapist out there. I look forward to our appointments because she really is a great listener and gives excellent advice. I LOVE MY THERAPIST AND POSITIVE RESET!
    The team at Positive Reset has truly changed my life. Everyone here is so amazing and down to earth. I cannot recommend this practice more highly. My therapist here is beyond amazing and she goes above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend you seek care at this practice if you are in need of support for your mental health. You won't regret it! It'll be the best investment you'll ever make and it'll be with people who truly are amazing and love helping people!
    Ann StraussAnn Strauss
    16:06 22 Dec 22
    Positive reset has helped me so much. I have the best Therapist, and she has really been helping me deal with some issues, that I have not been able to do on my own. Everyone that I have talked to is very nice and helpful. I highly recommend Positive Rest to anyone that is looking for a safe, comfortable place to get some help.
    Melanie HoltzmanMelanie Holtzman
    23:27 29 Nov 22
    My therapist is very kind, considerate, and always listens to me and makes me feel important. I am going through a lot, and must start to open up more. She is not judgemental at all. Also I am starting my additional medication this week. My medication management therapist is great. Positive reset even did a gene test to see how my original medication which I have been on for awhile is reacting in my system!!! This will help determine my add on medication will help. What to add, not add, change, not change, etc. Pretty thorough, compared to other places I have been. Most importantly I feel comfortable.
    Neyyir KaradenizNeyyir Karadeniz
    13:51 11 Nov 22
    my switch to positive reset was super simple, and the office is really accommodating with meeting times. i quickly got matched with a therapist who i clicked with really well. it's really convenient because i get to join all of my sessions from home. i think i'll be here for a while. thanks positive reset 🙂
    L RL R
    20:43 11 Oct 22
    Finding an excellent person who understands and provides you with support is hard to find now a days. Nick, is understanding and provides you with so much support! I have been attending my sessions with Nick for almost more than a year! Going through many things in life I always look forward to our sessions as I feel comfortable speaking with him. Thank you so much Nick for your guidance and support!
    deanna collazodeanna collazo
    13:06 27 Sep 22
    Positive Reset changed my life. I had not been to therapy for years out of fear of the same old cycles in these collective therapeutic settings. I was entering this place feeling hopeless and just overwhelmed. It feels like it was all divinely aligned when I was connected with Sari. She took her time to let me open up, she was patient, kind, and allowed me the space i needed to grow. I am so happy we had met, and the only reason I stopped coming here is because I moved halfway across the country lol. It was a hard departure. In times like these, it's hard to find a good therapist or a good facility to feel comfortable at. The space is always relaxing, the staff are ALL so kind, and the therapists here are highly gifted. Sari, Lucy, and team, Thank you for everything you have and do for us and the mental health world! If i could give 10 stars I would.
    Jessica YurkowJessica Yurkow
    18:45 20 Aug 22
    I don’t know who this place is paying for these good reviews. My experience was TERRIBLE. Twice I was ghosted on virtual appointments. Today was the last straw.I was supposed to have a 1:15 appointment today with an APRN named Janet Lowe, and never received a link. I called the office at 1:30 only to get an answering service that was of no help. At 2:03 I received the link, finally and was greeted as “Maria.” My name is Jessica. I explained that I was waiting since 1:15 and Ms. Lowe, who was very nasty to me, insisted no, SHE was waiting for ME and since I clicked this link then I’ve had it all this time. I explained to her that I just received it at 2:03 and have the email to prove it. She would not listen to me, and kept insisting I had the link all this time. I did not. I’d been waiting and waiting! I explained that I even called the office in attempt to reach her, but she did not listen to me. It was rude, unprofessional and hurtful how I was treated. She didn’t even bother to appear on camera when speaking to me! She then said she could see me after “Maria’s” appointment! I cannot wait another hour.I called the office back to ask to speak to a manager to complain but they said that someone might not reach out until Monday. I won’t be holding my breath for that phone call.Positive Reset is an ironic name for a place that dishes out such negative experiences. Shame on you.
    Brian DixonBrian Dixon
    23:16 21 Jun 22
    Positive reset has changed my life. I went to a few different places, and I finally found Nick. He’s awesome! He is really down to earth, and just an overall great guy. He remembers some things I say when I forget, because he listens that well. The entire staff is so nice! Everything from the intake, to scheduling appointments, to co-payments is so smooth, and friendly from start to finish. Do yourself a favor, and schedule an appointment asap and see for yourself… It truly has changed my life. Thank you Positive Reset Eatontown!


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